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To guarantee
Salon .

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If you do not have possibility to arrive and personally to congratulate! be not upset! .
Delivery : Because of addressee. ( Time ) .

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прошу помочь

: 1) 2) Time

The bouquet can be accompanied a card with your own or standard, depending on a case, the text offered by us.

All composition presented on site are samples and can not correspond on 100 % to a real bouquet. seasonally or other reasons we reserve the right to itself replacements of colours or packing in composition. .


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Of floristicheskijt the salon provides to you full confidentiality the personal information which you will phone at the order, will not be transferred the third parties. the person receiving a bouquet, learns about you only that you will consider the necessary. at desire, you can remain unknown person.

Our delivery service of colours works without days off and holidays.

Attention. we ask you to place orders with flowers delivery for the weekend and holidays.

Time Everyday life Saturday Sunday
09.00-14.00 Is free 100. 100.
14.00-20.00 Is free 100. 100.
20.00-23.00 250. 250. 250.
23.00-07.00 550. 550. 550.
07.00-09.00 300. 300. 300.

Delivery .

For all orders made on our site payment there can be cash roubles to courier :

A payment internet system "Yandex money ".
(to use this system of payment, you should have a personal purse in system"YandexDengi"). money for our purse 4100161399953 ( ).

A payment internet system "WebMoney".
(to use this system of payment, you should have a personal purse in system"WebMoney"). R128470998179(in the russian roubles),U409439479388(in dollars),E371313079867(in euro).

Payment if you want to pay the order for system 'Western Union'
Using the international system of remittances 'Western Union', come into the nearest branch 'Western Union agent' :
" , "
, neobuket@bespredelnet.ruyandex Or to phone: 506-506-0.

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